Session 1


Note: Players met and built characters.

MISSION BRIEF: Someone has been intercepting, deciphering, and communicating back to Homeline and asking for asylum. They asked for a 1 Terabyte USB-C external drive for their data, and for asylum. Go in, get him and his data, and get out.

  • Lucifer-12, a post-nuclear-apocalyptic world.
  • Locals are wary, though friendly.
  • Hired a guide and helpers, who led us in a back door to what appears to be NORAD at Cheyenne Mountain.
  • Gained access to secured room and discovered S.A.R.A., an AI that claimed to be responsible for the communications, and is seeking asylum. We plug in two of the portable drives and SARA makes two encrypted backups, with individual encryption keys, then self-destructs.
  • During the backup process, opposing forces attack. with the help of SARA, the forces are neutralized, except for their balaclava-wearing leader, who attempts to neutralize his captured forces by remotely-triggering thermite bombs on each of them.
  • One technician is captured and the thermite bomb removed before detonation. He is searched and returned to a secured location for questioning.

See the one-sheet for this game:



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